How meditation helped me swim the English Channel

Abhejali swam the English Channel in 2011, and is working on completing the 'Oceans Seven' list of famous swims around the world. Here she talks about how she started, and how meditation helps her during these challenging endurance swims.

How I became interested in meditation

Abhejali talks about how even though she had quite a happy life with many friends, there was something missing, something which she eventually found through meditation and spiritual practise.

Beginnings of a spiritual journey

Mahatapa explains how her spiritual journey began, and how she was lead to find the meditation path that was right for her.

My first impressions of Sri Chinmoy's philosophy

Lunthitha describes how she was drawn the inherent simplicity of Sri Chinmoy’s teachings, and how the experience of meditation made these philosophical ideas feel real and relevant to everyday life.

Humorous moments with Sri Chinmoy

Toshala Elliot shares some of her more light-hearted and humorous moments with Sri Chinmoy.

A direct line to God

Vajra talks about his early ideas of God, and his early search for spirituality and direct experience of God. Later, Vajra would meet Sri Chinmoy, and after attending a lecture at Colombia University, came to feel Sri Chinmoy was his spiritual Master.

My favourite part of Sri Chinmoy's path

Muslim Badami from Auckland explains that the opportunity to offer something to others, with a selfless motive, can be a valuable way to gain a sense of satisfaction and growth, and is is favourite aspect fo Sri Chinmoy's path.

My daily spiritual practises

Muslim Badami talks about his daily spiritual discipline, which includes meditation, singing, and physical exercise. Muslim explains how singing Sri Chinmoy’s spiritual songs can help open the heart and be a form of meditation.

Running the world's longest race

In 2014, Jayasalini Abramovskikh became the first female Russian finisher of the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race.

Here, she talks about the challenges of taking the time off to do the race, as well her goals after the race: "For me the answer is to have that deep inner connection with my soul, with my inner being, at every moment of my life, as strong I had during the race."

My typical day

Pranlobha explains some of the aspects of her daily life as Sri Chinmoy's students, including meditation, work, and her athletic and creative activities.