Meeting Sri Chinmoy for the first time - Baridhi

In this short video, Baridhi recounts the first time he met Sri Chinmoy - at a concert by the Danube River. The most striking thing Baridhi remembers is the feeling and consciousness of the room during Sri Chinmoy's sitar performance.


A closer relationship with God

Penny talks about how she began meditation out of curiosity and an attempt to still the mind, and how her meditation practise developed into a closer relationship with God.

She also talks about how Sri Chinmoy's philosophy helped her to transcend her perceived limitations in running - to go from struggling in a two-mile race to completing marathons.

Sport and Meditation

The inner dimension of sport...

A spiritual Master and at the same time an avid sportsman, Sri Chinmoy was a pioneer in demonstrating the power of meditation in the sporting world. In 1977, he founded the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, which has put on some of the most boundary-pushing races the running world has ever seen, including the current longest certified road race - the 3100 Mile Self-Transcendence Race.

This book brings together many of Sri Chinmoy's most powerful teachings from 30 years of service to the running community. It is aimed at both elite athletes searching for that extra edge, and ordinary people looking to get more satifaction from their workouts. Sri Chinmoy answers questions both from a deep inner perspective and yet also rooted in the world of practical experience - what are the goals we should be aiming for, how we can strive for and yet be detached from disappointment at the same time, how we can keep our enthusiasm day after day and year after year, and how we can make our sporting activities a source of deep and lasting satisfaction.

In addition, legendary athletes such as 9-time Olympic gold medallist Carl Lewis, Olympic long jump and triple jump champion Tatyana Lebedeva, marathon record-holders Tegla Laroupe and Paul Tergat, and 5-time Mr. Universe Bill Pearl contribute their own inner secrets and spiritual perspective on training and competition.

Nandita - Getting joy from spiritual life

Nandita Pollisar has been a student of Sri Chinmoy since the early 1970s. In this video, Nandita talks about the importance of getting joy from the spiritual life, and how the simple act of speaking with friends helps can help get away from the negative thoughts of the mind.With her husband, Nayak, Nandita has helped to run the Seattle Sri Chinmoy Centre since 1974.

Meditation functions with Sri Chinmoy

Kokila Chamberlain talks meditating with Sri Chinmoy in New York, and of what it is like to be in the presence of a genuine spiritual Master. She describes a ‘typical’ meditation function and the spontaneous nature of Sri Chinmoy’s approach. Kokila also explains what drew her to Sri Chinmoy’s Path.

Meditation experience at Aspiration-Ground

Suren remembers the powerful meditations he experienced during functions at 'Aspiration Ground' with Sri Chinmoy. During these evening meditations, groups of singers and musicians would perform the music of Sri Chinmoy; with moments of silence and meditation in between the performances.

My road from meditation to the Olympics

In 2016, Samunnati Nataliya Lehonkova represented the Ukraine in the marathon at the Olympics; she also has won the Dublin, Edinburgh and Los Angeles marathons. Here she is interviewed by her friend and fellow runner Jayasalini Abramovskikh, and talks about how she came to Sri Chinmoy's path as a child, her training schedule and what inspires her to run.

My well-scheduled day

Jayasalini shares with us a typical day in her life, including her spiritual disciplines - early morning meditation, spiritual singing and reading, and exercise. She also talks about how meditation helps her in her regular job as an economist in Moscow.

2 things that surprised me about the spiritual life

Jayasalini talks about how Sri Chinmoy's philosophy strongly resonated with her, but two things she found very surprising - the fact that she did not need to change your outer circumstances in order to be happy, and the discovery that she had a very strong soul's affinity and talent for ultra-distance running.

Things I have learnt from the spiritual life

Sanjay shares his perspective that the lessons that spiritual life has taught him are very simple ones. "The main thing that meditation offered to me was this idea that I could experience love from could be come an abolute lasting reality, not dependent on another person, not dependent on life, not dependent on death. In my own experience, meditation has brought me that sense of love."