My favourite part of Sri Chinmoy's path

Muslim Badami from Auckland explains that the opportunity to offer something to others, with a selfless motive, can be a valuable way to gain a sense of satisfaction and growth, and is is favourite aspect fo Sri Chinmoy's path.

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My daily spiritual practises

Muslim Badami talks about his daily spiritual discipline, which includes meditation, singing, and physical exercise. Muslim explains how singing Sri Chinmoy’s spiritual songs can help open the heart and be a form of meditation.

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Running the world's longest race

In 2014, Jayasalini Abramovskikh became the first female Russian finisher of the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race.

Here, she talks about the challenges of taking the time off to do the race, as well her goals after the race: "For me the answer is to have that deep inner connection with my soul, with my inner being, at every moment of my life, as strong I had during the race."

My typical day

Pranlobha explains some of the aspects of her daily life as Sri Chinmoy's students, including meditation, work, and her athletic and creative activities. 

Breaking Guinness records

Ashrita Furman is the only person to have ever held over 100 Guinness records simultaneously. This interview is from a trip to Budapest, Hungary, where he broke several world records - in this interview from a childrens programme he talked about meditation, inner strength and his favourite records.

Starting a spiritual café

Shortly after finishing her PhD, Toshala was asked by Sri Chinmoy to start a cafe that would create a spiritual atmosphere for the public to eat in. 

Sri Chinmoy's inner guidance

Kailash, a student of Sri Chinmoy since the early 1970s, explains why he became a student of Sri Chinmoy and how his relationship with Sri Chinmoy evolved over the years. Kailash also explains how Sri Chinmoy would outwardly and inwardly guide his students.

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Growing up on Sri Chinmoy's path

Aruna's parents became Sri Chinmoy's students when she was just an infant; here she talks about her experience of growing up on Sri Chinmoy’s path. 

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Becoming a disciple of Sri Chinmoy

Tilvila Hurwit and Lunthita Duthely are good friends, and both students of Sri Chinmoy in Florida. In this video, Tilvila tells Lunthita about her spiritual awakening and how she became drawn to Sri Chinmoy’s path of meditation.

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Life in a spiritual workplace

Pranlobha works as a cook in a vegetarian restaurant in Seattle, run by students of Sri Chinmoy. In this short video, Pranlobha talks about the benefits and challenges of working in a spiritual workplace, focused on the teachings of Sri Chinmoy.