Successful crossing of English Channel

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Tatiana Kvasova a Russian member of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team successfully completed her first crossing of the English Channel - in a time of 20hrs 13mins; it marked the 47th successful crossing of the English Channel by the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in the past 32 years.

Daulot - making progress on Sri Chinmoy's Path

Daulot Fountain, from Seattle US, talks about his early years on Sri Chinmoy’s path and how he began to live a spiritual life.

On joining Sri Chinmoy's Path

Garga Chamberlain from Bristol Sri Chinmoy Centre talks about how he came to follow a spiritual life and his experience of being on Sri Chinmoy’s path. Garga also explains what, for him, is the essence of Sri Chinmoy’s spiritual path.

Life in a spiritual workplace

Pranlobha works as a cook in a vegetarian restaurant in Seattle, run by students of Sri Chinmoy. In this short video, Pranlobha talks about the benefits and challenges of working in a spiritual workplace, focused on the teachings of Sri Chinmoy.

Finale of European Peace Run in Minsk

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On 8th July, the European leg of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run finished in a ceremony in Minsk, Belarus. The uplifting international gathering marked the culmination of several months running through Europe and Asia, with five routes converging on the finish in Minsk.

five torches

Five torches representing the five different Peace Run routes converging in Minsk for the final ceremony.

Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race - 2017

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This year sees the 21st edition of the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race. Ten runners took to the start line on June 18th to embark on the epic quest to complete 3,100 miles over the course of 52 days. Each runner will need to tap into deep reserves of - stamina, fitness, and inner strength - to meet the 60 miles a day average needed to complete the race. The race was founded by Sri Chinmoy, a spiritual teacher keen to promote physical self-transcendence as a way to the inner and outer enlightenment.

Paintings for World Peace and Harmony

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In Geneva, several hundred paintings by Sri Chinmoy have been exhibited at the Palais des Nations, United Nations Office. The event was sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh in Geneva, with support from the Cultural Diplomacy and Outreach Section of the UN Office at Geneva, in collaboration with the Jharna-Kala Art Foundation.

How meditation helped me swim the English Channel

Abhejali swam the English Channel in 2011, and is working on completing the 'Oceans Seven' list of famous swims around the world. Here she talks about how she started, and how meditation helps her during these challenging endurance swims.

How I became interested in meditation

Abhejali talks about how even though she had quite a happy life with many friends, there was something missing, something which she eventually found through meditation and spiritual practise.

Beginnings of a spiritual journey

Mahatapa explains how her spiritual journey began, and how she was lead to find the meditation path that was right for her.