Ananda concert in Bristol and Cardiff

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Recently, Ananda a music group from Britain, offered two concerts in Bristol and Cardiff.


The first concert was held in the centre of Bristol at the Lord Mayor’s Chapel, Bristol, 13 December, 2015.

The group are composed of disciples of Sri Chinmoy from different cities in the UK, they perform the music of Sri Chinmoy. Ananda have had a busy year, touring in the Czech Republic and performing at several venues within the UK.

Patanga: my spiritual name

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by Patanga Cordeiro

day-5-day-1--046.jpgPatanga is a Sanskrit spiritual name. Some names are very short, while others are very long. A spiritual name is the soul´s mantra, and it can also give indications of the soul´s mission. After receiving my name, I changed all necessary papers and documents, as I really wanted to call myself only by my spiritual name. Life is too short. I was given the name with the following meaning:

Spirituality means speed

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Canadian Songs of the Soul Tour 2015

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Recently, there were four Songs of the Soul concerts in the Canadian cities of Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa and Winnipeg. Sri Chinmoy Centre musicians from  around the world travelled to offer these concerts of Sri Chinmoy's music.


Sahadeva's group

Large audiences greeted the performers in all the concert venues and many of the concert goers offered enthusiastic appreciation for the blend of soulful, dynamic and meditative music.

New videos of students of Sri Chinmoy

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At a newly designed Sri Chinmoy TV website, we have several new interviews with members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

These videos, with student of Sri Chinmoy, include short explanations about - why they were attracted to Sri Chinmoy's path, experiences of meditation, and life as a student of Sri Chinmoy.


Mahatapa Palit, a social entrepreneur from New York, talks about how she became interested in meditation, and how this brought her to Sri Chinmoy's path of meditation. View: Beginnings of a spiritual journey

40th anniversary of Transcendence-Perfection

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November 1st, 2015 will be the 40th anniversary of  Sri Chinmoy's poetry series 'Transcendence-Perfection'


This unique collection of poems were written by Sri Chinmoy during a single 24 hour period in New York. The poems were then collected and published in a single edition, within a  short space of time.

A few weeks later on December 20, 2015, Sri Chinmoy spontaneously set 99 of these poems to music - they were later published in the songbook - 'Transcendence-Perfection'.

Flying Aalto wins 3100 Mile Race in record time

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Ashprihanal Aalto, 44, from Helsinki Finland won the 19th Annual Self-Transcendence Race in a new world record time of 40 days+09:06:21.

He set a new record for the 3100 Mile Race - taking 23 hours, 10 minutes off the record held by German legend Madhupran Wolfgang Schwerk.

During the 3100 mile race Mr. Aalto averaged 76.776 miles per day (123.559 km). This is equivalent to running nearly three marathons a day - consecutively for over 40 days.

3100 mile race

At the end of his epic race, Ashprihanal was greeted on the line by the other runners, helpers and spectators who came along to see this historic event.

Peace Run in Iceland

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The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run is currently passing through Iceland, taking advantage of the long summer days and enthusiasm of the local people.

Peace Run Iceland
Peace Run Iceland

The run, founded by Sri Chinmoy, exists to promote peace, harmony and friendship amongst people around the world.

Spiritual moments with my grandmother

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Today I am trying to relate some of my (spiritual) experiences with my grandmother. I´ll start by briefly talking about her early life, and quickly move to the spiritual moments which I was told or have witnessed.

Ananda music tour of Czech and Slovakia

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Ananda, a music group composed of disciples of Sri Chinmoy, have recently toured the Czech Republic and Slovakia offering a series of concerts in Bratislava, Zlín, Brno and Prague.


In Bratislava, June 22nd, they performed in the theatre of comedians Lasica & Satinsky Studio. Their concerts involve both meditation music and mantras - with the audience participating in the last song. For the first concert, there was an audience of 130 who thoroughly enjoyed the concert.