Learning to love songs ever more

The guardian angel

Of my daily life

Is my one

Soulful morning song.

Sri Chinmoy 1


Exhibition of Sri Chinmoy's art in Ottawa

An exhibition of Sri Chinmoy's Jharna Kala art is currently on display in central Ottawa.


The exhibition held at 54 Elgin at Queen includes a selection of Sri Chinmoy's unique artistic creations, which have been widely admired for their vividness, spontaneity and spiritual feeling. The exhibition will be held until April.


“When it is a matter of my paintings, there is no mind, no form. Something within me is coming to the fore freely, effortlessly, with infinite inspiration…spreading its beauty and light so that my paintings flow spontaneously. When I paint, I try to go deep within to the source of creativity where it is all peace, calmness and quiet."

- Sri Chinmoy

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Peace Run 2015

The Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run began 2015, on the first of January, with an event in Croatia.


Members of the Peace Run, run through the walls of Dubrovnik. It was part of a 10km race through the ancient walled city of Dubrovnik. The Peace Run later featured on Croatian national TV.


Is the oneness-bridge
Between my satisfaction
And the world’s satisfaction.

- Sri Chinmoy

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AUM Magazine

At Sri Chinmoy Library, we have published some of the early volumes of AUM magazine. The first edition of AUM was published on 27th August 1965 - just over a year after Sri Chinmoy arrived in New York, US. The AUM magazines contain a treasure of early talks, question and answers, poetry and discourses by Sri Chinmoy. The AUM magazines provided material for many of the first books published by Sri Chinmoy.

Sri Chinmoy - photo from AUM magazine.

Over the next few months more editions of AUM magazine will be added to Sri Chinmoy Library.

The first talk in the AUM vol 1. No. 1. is on the subject of AUM

"AUM is the soundless sound. It is the vibration of the Supreme. When one hears the soundless sound within, when one identifies oneself with it, when one lives within it, one can be freed from the fetters of ignorance and realise the Supreme within and without."

Continue reading: AUM
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New statue in Canberra

At the closing ceremony of the Sri Chinmoy Oneness-Home Peace Run in Australia 2014, a new statue of Sri Chinmoy was unveiled in Canberra. The statue is located by a lake at Regatta point.


The statue of Sri Chinmoy, sculpted by Kaivalya Torpy.


The Peace Torch

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Jharna Kala 40th anniversary

November 19th was the 40th anniversary of Sri Chinmoy's Jharna Kala - "Fountain Art"; this anniversary was observed around the world.


A painting of Sri Chinmoy

"Jharna-Kala" is the Bengali name Sri Chinmoy chose for his artwork. The English translation is "Fountain Art" - which signifies art flowing from the source of creation, flowing from the inspiration he receives in meditation.

He began painting on November 19th, 1974 in Ottawa, Canada. Over the next 33 years, Sri Chinmoy produced a prolific output of paintings.

One art critic commented on the paintings of Sri Chinmoy:

"Instead of seeing the world as a concrete, solid body where things are separate, Sri Chinmoy sees the world as a unity where all things seem to move together. The paintings are physical manifestations of his inner meditations. They show a higher level of consciousness.

- T.J.Bergen, Secretary American Contemporary Artists Galleries.


A Soul Bird drawing. Sri Chinmoy signed his paintings CKG

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Recent videos and audio recordings

At Sri Chinmoy TV there have been several new videos, including archive videos of Sri Chinmoy's early meditations in the 1970s. On Radio Sri Chinmoy, there have been some classic recordings by Sri Chinmoy and recent performances by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre.

Sri Chinmoy

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Challenging Impossibility in Zurich

Recently, a special display of Sri Chinmoy's lifting equipment were made available for public viewing in the prominent main station in Zurich.


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Recent articles by members


Some recent articles by members of the Sri Chinmoy Centre on topics related to the spiritual life.

Sri Chinmoy Inspiration Group - a Yahoo group with conversations on topics, such as crossing the barriers of age, staying on the path.

Other popular writings from the archive  include

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Oneness-Dream singing tour in Scotland

Recently - Oneness-Dream,  a group of male singers from the Sri Chinmoy Centre visited Scotland to perform the songs of Sri Chinmoy at a variety of churches, monasteries and temples.


The group performed a total of 15 performances in different locations ranging from short, spontaneous performances to full concerts of about 1 hour.

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 14.05.03

Highlights of the tour included performing at Iona, Findhorn and the Hindu Temple in Glasgow during the Glasgow Mandir. The tour was often described by participants as a pilgrimage - the singers visited many of the famous holy sites of Scoltand - including ancient spiritual centres such as Whithorn, Kilmartin and Iona and more modern centres, such as  Findhorn and Gorbals Parish.

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